Free Online Phone Calls: Tricks and Tips with callfreecall

Are you interested in the process of making free pc to phone calls? If so, then you will find lots of exciting facts about it in this article!

Free Internet Phone Calls: What’s the Buzz?

Are Free PC to Phone Calls Actually “FREE”?
Free Internet Calls – What Are the Options?

we often hear a lot about people making FREE International Calls. Likewise, we frequently see ads offering this service on the web, which assure us that reliable Internet connection is all we need to make such calls. No wonder, we start asking ourselves: how can that be possible? It is just a myth that people can make online calls without paying for them even if they get in touch with users who live in other countries of the world? What if our communication partners do not have the Internet at all? If these questions bother you, then read the information listed below thoroughly to find answers you are interested in. They will throw some light on the main ideas you can use to your advantage when making free calls over the Internet.

As a matter of fact, this question may be answered in several ways, since everything depends upon the Internet phone calls service provider you will choose. The truth is that some of them just claim to offer free services, but you will have to pay for some features as soon as you join them. Luckily, the majority of providers that guarantee free online calls do not charge fees for their services and meet your requirements. You just have to pay for your Internet connection, though, but it’s not a problem. You should also be ready to see the advertisements on the site that provides online phone calling, but they are not too stressful or bothering as well. So, select the service thoroughly in order not to regret your choice later.

One of the most amazing issues associated with Internet calls is that they provide an ability to make both PC to PC and PC to Mobile calls. This is actually a huge advantage, especially if your conversation partner does not currently have the Internet connection. The thing is that modern mobile phones that are also referred to as “smart phones”, may feature nearly the same functions as computers do. It means that they can also be connected to the Internet. The procedure of making such calls is similar to that made with the help of your computer. Just find the corresponding program and the provider you are going to deal with and enjoy this tremendous experience!

The quality of your online calls will depend not only upon the provider you choose (though this aspect is also vital), but on the type of technology it will offer as well. Thus, there are two powerful technologies that allow you to make these calls. What we talk about is SIP and VoIP. Let us learn more about each of them. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the Internet standard for real-time video and voice communication. To use it, you just need to subscribe to this service and download a special program, which traditionally comes for free. Having done that, you will be able to talk both to people who have subscribed to the same provider and those who use the services of other companies. VoIP (VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol), in its turn, is a technology that transmits your voice exclusively through the Internet Protocol. You can use different devices to make a call, including iPhones, integrated VoIP as well as special software. Now that you are familiar with these technologies, it is up to you to decide how to make FREE Online phone calls.

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