Free International Calls To USA with Virtual USA Phone Number

Why do you need A usa local phone number?

If you have a USA phone number
1.your friends and relatives in the USA will call you from their  PC - Iphone Or android for free.
or they call you from their landlines or regular cell phones without paying international rates

2.Friends and relatives in other countries might to call your US local phonenumber with it cheap international calls rate. This is very good for new companies and businesses as they can attract more US customers.
3.The calls will be forwarded to your mobile phone or PC by VoIP software.

How to Getting a free USA Phone Number?

Step 1: Sign-up for a free account with  it very easy with some field
. If your registration was successful, The will send you a mail with all you need for step 2
Get Free US phone Number

Step 2: check your Email And Look The Email From GetOnSip
Remember The SIP From GetOnsip provide for You Sample:
Step 3: Go To url :
Select any area code you want.
Input your SIP address in the SIP URI field as :

Get Free US phone Number
SIP URL = ABC @  -   you need read email from GetOnsip for This information ABC  = Your SIP in your GetOnSip Email.
Password – You choose One For Phone.IpKall.Com
Fill up all other fields and click submit.

Get Free US phone Number
If it successful, Check You Email Again .you will get a mail with your phone number.

Step 4:  Creat Your Vitural Phone For Receive Calls
Download and Install Jitsi. . You can be downloaded from:
Jitsi allow us receive the calls, that are made to our new US phone number
Have 32bit and 64 bit for your computer.
Note: while installing, use all default settings.

Step 5: After installation, open the software.
Select “File” from the top menu and select “Add new account” from its submenu.
File -> Add new account.
Select ‘Sip’ as ‘Network’ and click on Advanced.

Get Free US phone Number

Under the Account tab, enter the following information:
– SIP id = your GetOnSIP address (you can get yours from the email you got from Getonsip Sam:
– Password = your GetOnSip password
– Display Name = your Name display
Get Free US phone Number

Under the Connection tab, enter the following information:
– Registrar =;
– Port = 5060
– Authorization Name > Your GetOnSIP Authentication Username. (you can get yours from the email you got from
– Configure proxy Automatically > ensure this is NOT SELECTED
 Proxy =
– Preferred transport = UDP
 Keep alive method = Register
 Keep alive interval = 25
 DTMF method > Auto
 Message Waiting (MWI) = Leave checked
 Voicemail URI = Leave empty
Select Next and then “Sign In”.
Get Free US phone Number

You will now be able to make and receive calls through using your SIP account. Try to call your new US phone number and it has to definitely ring on your computer. And you can make Free International Calls from Pc To Usa
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