Get 30 minutes free International calls with Voxofon

Today I will tell You About Voxofon
Voxophone is the Good New VoIP In the internet phone Market do.
Voxofon is Providing international calls just in 1 cent per minute.
Now we will said Voxofon is very cheap as compare to others Voip.
You would have never thought there would be a voip provider who will charge you only 1 cent per minute to International calls.

Get 30 minutes free International calls

But Now Problem Is we Need A free Calls To Phone From PC or Iphone Or Any Other Phone device

Very Great Is Voxofon Give Us 30 Free Minutes To New register customer
you can try their service before buying a calling deal.
Here is how you can get 30 free trial minutes:

Visit their site :Voxofon here
Click Here" and register an account after You filling up the form.

Get 30 minutes free International calls

You you will receive an email
after You confirming that your account will be sucessfully registered.

Note, only US IPs are allowed to register, if you are not in the US then either you So use VPN and use US proxy to get registered.

After You sucessfully registeration you will get up to 30 free minutes to make Free international calls.

You can use it on your PC. Also You can use voxofon  on any mobile, iphone and blackberry etc.

Download Voxofon Free-30minute International calls

 So simply you need Download the application to your mobile or PC from their side and start free calling.

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